Nothing New

March 26th, 2010

Nothing exciting has happened apart from the fact that we have made 4 IVA payments and still pay all the bills and buy food etc from our own money. I still feel guilty about the fact that we are not paying our creditors all that we owe.I did 2 weeks jury service. Very boring, never got on a case and they haven’t paid me the correct loss of earnings….on the case on that one as I have lost 2 weeks money! One of my clients was trying to tell me that they don’t let anyone be selected for jury service who has a default on their credit rating. I knew she was wrong but couldn’t say how. She even tried to tell me that self-employed people miss a payment on their water rates or whatever to get out of it. What a load of tosh. BTW just to add credence to this, I was selected for 2 cases, the first I knew the solicitor for the defence so wasn’t allowed and the second was an 8 weeker and luckily didn’t get selected for the final 12.Apart from that there is nothing exciting happening. I am managing to put away a few quid for contingency and have an appointment at the smoking clinic to give up the fags next week, so hopefully the contingency will be saved up properly, without pinching from it to buy the fags. Wish me luck on the fag department.I have lost 7.5 lbs in weight and hoping to loose more.Nits are rife at school so spend my evenings combing.

I should stop reading the forum

December 1st, 2009

because every little think that comes up about creditor meeting sends me into a blind panic.

I know I have a great team behind me but still it doesn’t stop the worry….what if they want me to sell the car, what if they demand additional monthly payment etc etc.

I have looked at the bankruptsy forms tonight and I think I’m going to prepare them just incase so at least then I’ll be able to get the ball rolling quickly in the event that the proposal is rejected or the modifications are untennable, I don’t want to but I don’t have any other options should the IVA not be accepted……I wish it was this time next week.

3 things

November 30th, 2009

Today I did three things I wouldn’t have done before I set out on my journey.

1. I took the car to be serviced and would have got a taxi back home. Instead I walked 5 miles and have wind burn on my face as proof!

2. I took something back to a shop which I bought and it didn’t suit the purpose. I would have just kept it and put in in the cupboard.

3. I got boots reheeled at the cobblers. I would have just bought a new pair.

So all in all, today I saved myself a few quid.

Fed Up

November 6th, 2009

I am completely fed up and drained from the IVA process at the moment. Every day is like a month and it is taking an age to get there. Our creditor meeting is likely going to be in the first week of December but if they ask for extra money per month additional to what we have offered, I will have to go bankrupt and hubby on DMP as to be honest I can’t compromise on anything. My children are young and still growing and cutting down on the food bill would compromise their healthy growth and the clothing allowance, they grow so fast and need new shoes, uniform and general clothing every term.

Hubby is well stressed about his broken arm as he can’t do his job properly, he is a chef manager but a chef at heart and although he can do the managerial side he is very depressed about the fact that he can’t cook. He’s also worried about this in terms of what his employer thinks, although I don’t see a problem there as they are happy for him to concentrate on management but he would prefer to cook.

 In a conversation last night he said it would be better for me and the kids if he died as then we would have the insurance money and everything would be OK. I know he doesn’t really mean it but not nice for him to be even thinking that, even though I have felt the same way myself.

Roll on the next few weeks.

Skint this week

October 10th, 2009

We have to pay 2 x life assurance premiums as they were missed from the old bank account, so that means we are skint until Thursday when I get paid :(. Best to keep up on the life policies though, especially the expensive one as it includes critical illness and you never know when your number’s up as my step brother died 2 weeks ago, aged 45, very sudden, the post mortem said it was scepticaemia with no specified cause, so sad.


October 6th, 2009

It’s my middle boy’s birthday on Thursday, he’ll be 9. I managed to find a bargain Indiana Jones lego set that he will just love. I got a couple of bags of sweets and a couple of cheap books for him too.

 Not much but he’ll love them.

 I’ll get hubby to get them to make him a cake at work tomorrow too.

Critical Mass

October 2nd, 2009

I knew we were reaching the summit of the debt spiral about 2 months ago, my inheritance money had all been swallowed up, trying to pay off and pay the debts. I knew that we had until the end of August to survive and then that would be it, critical mass, downward spiral all the way to the bottom of the abyss.

 I just knew it was just a matter of time, like a time bomb ticking, ready to explode. It felt horrible because I knew our fate, I knew what was coming, the inability to pay our creditors, the fact that we were actually insolvent. The honey pot was dry.

 I guess we all must see it coming and know the exact date that critical mass will occur.

I am hoping for a positive result on our journey.

House Valuation

September 29th, 2009

I had this done today and this morning I was really upset and crying because it really brought it all home to me, the situation we are in. So I put the music on loud and set about cleaning and crying. One more step on the journey.

Broken arm

September 13th, 2009

As if it isn’t bad enough already, hubby has broken his arm on a bouncy castle at the kite festival yesterday!

We thought it was just dislocated but it’s broken in 2 places and slightly dislocated. The kids video’d the event which was to see how far you can bounce off the back of a bouncy castle…..mupspet, I was at work! Got to take him back to the hospital tomorrow.

Hopefully on track

September 12th, 2009

Following a shaky start with my choice of IP, I have taken second opinion and have submitted my details to Melanie and her team. From my provosional meeting it seems that the proposal is fair and should be able to proceed.

 There is a wealth of difference between the two firms and I am so glad I found this forum before my IVA application went to creditors meeting. I’m glad I asked questions and got my head round the things that I didn’t really unerstand about IVAs and IPs and the consequences for me and my family. It was a bit like almost getting back into the det mess that I’m currently in, well it would have if I’d gone with the first firm as we wouldn’t have been able to survive on the budget that they gave us and the IVA would have failed.

 I now need to tell the other firm that I no longer wish for them to represent me. I will wait until they have sent back my original documentation or they may drag their heels on sending it back. The guy that I have been dealing with is really nice and he has worked hard on my case but the figures have gone through the roof since it was discussed with his IP who clearly has no idea about NR criterea even though they claim that they have a good relationship with them. There is no way that we could budget an IVA based on their proposals. I will hate having the conversation with him as I do believe he was doing his best. I will just say that the IVA would fail if it were accepted on their proposal and that I have discussed my case with other IP firms who are able to present a better proposal for me and my family…..maybe I’ll email him and await the phone call…….what a nancy I am.

 Nationwide credit card have been ringing me all day and I have avoided answering the phone as I was at work with clients. If they ring again, I will bite the bullet, tell them that I can’t pay and am in the initial stages of setting up an IVA.

 Things could be a lot worse though. A 17 year old kiddie was stabbed to death last night about a mile from where we live.

 Will update as things move on.